Now, what did he look like?

I am sure that everyone has, by now, heard about the fatal shooting at Northern Illinois University. This tragic occurance draws the inevitible comparison with the Virginia Tech shootings last April.

What struck The-Asterisk was that in my local paper, one of the first things I learned about the shooting was that the perp was a white male about six feet tall wearing black. In the linked article above, we learn this factoid further down in the story, but it is there, nevertheless.

Typical crime stories in the newspaper and on TV go something like this: "Tonight there was a vicious attack on two women in their home. Witnesses saw the two people fleeing west on Main Street. If anyone has seen these people, call Crimeline immediately. They are considered armed and dangerous, so be careful."

OK, so what are we looking for? Midgets? Clowns? Frat boys? Gang bangers? We are so politically correct now, that the media cannot even give a description of the perps. What is wrong with saying "One white male in his 20's with a mullet about 6' 2" , 160 pounds and a short Hispanic woman with long, dark hair about 200 pounds in her late 30's, last seen running west on Main Street?"

Are we afraid that if most of the "Be on the lookout" alerts are for the same ethnic or racial group that people will start stereotyping?

I submit that NOT giving you that information allows your stereotypes to kick in. And don't tell me that you don't have stereotypes... everyone has them. In fact, I think that the worst offenders of pushing the PC agenda are probably the ones with the worst stereotypes inside of themselves and they fight their demons by trying to be righteously fair and wearing their fairness on their sleeve.

Think about it. Perpetrators of heinous crimes are on the loose and we are lucky if we know their sex, but this guy in Illinois kills 7 people, then offs himself and we learn immediately what he looks like and what he was wearing. I would rather know who is prowling around my neighborhood as an immediate threat so that I can identify them and call the authorities before they harm someone else.


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