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Not getting a good vibe from the upcoming election

Just saw an ad on my Facebook screen that Ken Cuccinelli doesn't trust women to make their own decisions. So, that is the only reason to vote for McAuliffe? C'mon, Virginia voters. Don't let these people play you like a cheap Walkman! Think for yourself. Think about what would be best for the state as a whole. Gov. McDonnell has left the state in pretty good shape. Did McDonnell take away anyone's rights?

Our governors are not emperors or kings and cannot change law with the wave of a hand. Let's not screw up our state by electing a professional fund raiser. We don't want Virginia to be run like Washington and it will be if Terry McAuliffe is elected governor.

Sorry to be overtly political (who, me?) but I fear the results of this election like I feared the night that Carter was elected and I feared when hope and change took over DC. Neither one worked out so well.

Cuccinelli is not my perfect candidate and neither was Romney, but rarely do we get to elect th…