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Got dem 'ole Chromecast blues

It all started with a lightning strike last week.

We love the TV show 24. Jack Bauer is the man, so we DVR'd the series when it started again in May.

Last week a TREMENDOUS thunderstorm moved through our area and there was a lightning strike at our house. It was so close that there was no delay between the flash and the thunder.

Nothing appeared damaged until Monday night. We always start watching the show about 15 minutes after it starts so that we can zip through the annoying swamp of commercials. So, we settled into the den around 9:15 and turned on the DirecTV box and the TV.

"No Signal" was the message on a beautiful blue background.

The little orange light on the front of the DVR indicated that it was recording the show so I didn't want to power cycle the box, but after 20 minutes of trying, I determined that the satellite receiver had taken a hit. No 24 for us tonight and we had no recording of this episode.

The next day, I went looking for the video. Since I …