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Legacy Matters

This past week has been the nadir of the relationship between law enforcement and black males. We have seen - literally - Alton Sterling get shot in Baton Rouge, LA and we watched Philando Castile die outside of Minneapolis, MN. Then, just two days later, a black man with an assault rifle opened fire from a sniper's position in Dallas, TX, killing five police and wounding twelve others. Before the police cornered him and later killed him, he told the police that he wanted to kill as many white people, especially police, as he could and that he was upset over #BlackLivesMatter.

The modern era of victim politics regarding black males getting shot by police began after Michael Brown was shot by a policeman in Ferguson, MO after Brown had reached into the police cruiser and tried to wrestle the officer's firearm from him. To a dispassionate observer (and a DoJ monitored review board), Brown's death was an obvious case of self-defense but the people of Ferguson and the hoards …