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John Stossel wrote an insightful piece recently called The Road to Serfdom, a borrowing of the title of the book by F. A. Hayek. He talks about how everyone is waiting for Obama to come out with some action. He needs to be BOLD. Just do something. I guess that is the change that we are looking for.

Here is The-Asterisk's take on it:

The reason that we all look to Washington for solutions is that Washington is the place that owns the game and writes the rules. As long as they do that, we have to grovel at their feet. If we have a free market and we let things go laissez faire, we end up with very smart and very well connected crooks creating the mess that we are just now trying to fix.

What is the difference between Las Vegas and Wall Street? Vegas has pit bosses and cameras. They know when they are being gamed. There is no way that our government can be swift enough to keep regulations up with the latest scheme by money people. So we cry (like Bill O'Reilly) that no one was watch…

First 100 days

I think that the far left wing of the Democrat party is going to throw something extremely radical at Obama as soon as he is inaugurated and Congress is in session. It may be card-check, it may be some crazy gay marriage thing. It is really irrelevant what it is. I think he will bitch-slap the Dems with a veto and make a huge deal about him being the President of the whole country, not just the Democrats. This will give him huge street cred. The liberals will go on a rant and call him all sorts of names, especially in the blogosphere.

The 'asterisk' here is: will it be a ruse? Is Pelosi/Reid going to take one for the team to set him up as a centrist President for 'all Americans'? Will Obama allow his base to slap him around a bit to gain sympathy and support from the rest of us, setting up a huge sucker punch over the next three years?

My take on this is: Either Obama has been 'opportuning' himself for 20 years, being the ultimate shape-shifter... saying, doing a…


I wonder if the Bush people will pull all of the "O" keys off of the keyboards like the Clintonistas did with the "W" keys?

We will defeat you...

Obama said that if you harm the world, we will defeat you.

How? With what? Who gets to choose which war to fight? Or will we sit down and chat?

Would he treat harm to the world differently than harm to our country?

I hope that I am totally wrong about this man. That is the hope that I have.


Gushers of love. Mandate. Youth and no retreads to run the government. Bi-partisan. Orgasmic platitudes.

* Remember Jimmy Carter.

New Party

I think that now, more than at any time in the last 100 years, we are ready for a new third party. Not a spin off of disgruntled Republicans, but a coalition of moderate to right leaning, thinking people that are just sick of old school Democrats. The biggest problem with our existing political system is that if you have a (D) or a (R) behind your name, you automatically elevate whomever is the oldest, crustiest, partisan pol into a leadership position.

You could be the most moderate Democrat in the the Congress, but you will... you must caucus with your party and make Nancy Pelosi powerful. You will also cause the committees to be all Democrat controlled. It is actually kind of like the infamous card-check balloting for union elections. Woe be unto the Congressman or Senator who does not caucus with his or her party. Secret ballot? No way! When you vote for your representative, you are really voting for the party, regardless of what people say.

We really need some of the heavy hitters …

Let the healing begin

According to Howard Dean... "Now is when the healing begins."

Excuse me while I throw up...


After almost two long, excrutiating years, the election is here. Long lines, disenfranchisement, promises, lies, smears, counter-lies, hope, change, hope, change, hope and change. I am sick of it. McCain has run such a terrible campaign that the whole thing is an embarassment. If he were to win, I could understand how the other side would think that it was rigged. However, if he does win, there is going to be massive rioting by those that claim that they aren't racist. In my book (and most dictionaries), racism is defined as making a decision based solely on race. If you are a black person and you are going to vote for Obama because he is black, then that is a blatently racist decision. There can be no argument. They may justify it for any number of reasons, but it is still a racist decision. If a white guy votes for McCain because he isn't black and that is racist, then voting (many for the first time) for a guy because he is black is just as racist, no matter what color you…