After almost two long, excrutiating years, the election is here. Long lines, disenfranchisement, promises, lies, smears, counter-lies, hope, change, hope, change, hope and change. I am sick of it. McCain has run such a terrible campaign that the whole thing is an embarassment. If he were to win, I could understand how the other side would think that it was rigged. However, if he does win, there is going to be massive rioting by those that claim that they aren't racist. In my book (and most dictionaries), racism is defined as making a decision based solely on race. If you are a black person and you are going to vote for Obama because he is black, then that is a blatently racist decision. There can be no argument. They may justify it for any number of reasons, but it is still a racist decision. If a white guy votes for McCain because he isn't black and that is racist, then voting (many for the first time) for a guy because he is black is just as racist, no matter what color you happen to be.

The most totally ironic thing about Obama is that he really isn't black. No, seriously. He is 50% African and 50% whitebread American. That means he is just as white as he is black. In His formative years, he was raised as an Indonesian. Then he came back to Hawaii and was raised by his white grandparents and went to school at a predominantly white prep school (I don't think that there were many blacks in Hawaii in the 60's and 70's anyway). He went to several Ivy League colleges where he roomed with a Pakastani Muslim among others. Not much training on how to be black.

I was not until he got to Chicago to start his 'career' as a community organizer that he really had to start rubbing elbows with black people. I guess he looked upon Rev. Wright's church as 'immersion training' into becoming authentically black. It must have worked. He has fooled 99.7% of all black people in this country (except for Jesse Jackson and a few conservative talkshow hosts) into believing that he is the Chosen One and that he will deliver them from whatever ails them.

Last night on O'Reilly, Dennis Miller said that if Obama wins, he (Dennis) will not hate. He said that we have had enough hate for 8 years and that he will be 'our' president. In my heart, I agree with Dennis, but I am vowing that I will not let go. I will show his presidency the same deference that Air America, MSNBC, Chris Matthews and Jon Stewart has shown our current Defender of Freedom. I know that Obama is lying through every well crafted speech that he repeats ad infinitum. He may actually believe this $#!+ by now, having heard it 5 times a day for two years, but I don't believe it. Just like there is no redemption for David Duke, George Wallace or Strom Thurmann, I don't think that this leopard will be changing his spots... nor will his wife.

It will be very interesting to see what the Obama sycophants in the media are going to do for yucks over the next 4 to 8 years. Jon Stewart is going to have to shelve his 'incredulous' card unless he uses it to describe how 38 Republican senators are trying to block the 'Will of the American People.' Where will they get their material with Cheney, Rummy, Bush, Condi, et al, gone? Barney Frank, Pelosi, Reed, Waxman? Naaaah! They don't have it in them to joke on people that are real jokes. Maybe there will be a silver lining during the downfall of America these next four years. Rush, Neal and Shawn will have plenty to talk about!

Yes, I will be bitter and unforgiving. I will immediately disbelieve ANYTHING that President Obama will say until he can earn my trust. And I will be standing by for the biggest sucker punch America has been handed since Pearl Harbor and 9-11. It will be coming and it will be BIG.

(I just noticed that I left the word His in the second paragraph capitalized. Was that a Freudian slip?)


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