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Ladyparts vs. Ladysmarts

After watching the lastest spewtum from the Obama campaign, specifically the new video with Lena Dunham (any kin to Obama's maternal side of the family?) starring as the #MyFirstTime girl, I have to ask a few questions. 

Do these women really represent the majority of females in this nation? Liberal women express a reflexive and overpowering desire to have their own way with their bodies (uh, that didn't come out right did it?) while demanding seemingly unlimited intrusion by the Grand Overlord of Government on every other facet of their lives. (Speaking of Dunham, I wonder if Obama's mom had had access to the panoply of the modern tools of "Reproductive Rights", if we would even be having this discussion, but I digress.)

Be it health care, tax policy, suppression of the Second Amendment, helmet laws, Dodd-Frank, mandatory health insurance taxes, mandatory seat belt laws, mandatory recycling laws, mandatory GMO labeling, mandatory solar power, EPA control over p…

Voter suppression or empowerment?

This whole faux issue of accusing Republicans of promoting voter suppression by wanting positive ID at the polls brings up a subject that I have been solving in my mind for the past 30 years... how to stop real voter fraud at the ballot box. I would like to throw my two cents worth out there for comment.

First, I am a strong believer in requiring just a little bit of effort in order to be allowed to vote. Now, before the left goes off hollering that voting is a right that cannot and should not be suppressed by any method, according to the Constitution of the United States, there is no explicit right to vote. Most voting rights are granted by the states and by extension apply to the Federal elections. In fact, when the Constitution was written, the people actually voted for only one office, their Representative. The Senate was chosen by the several states' governing bodies, and the President and Vice President were chosen by Electors. These Electors were chosen by various state met…