Ladyparts vs. Ladysmarts

After watching the lastest spewtum from the Obama campaign, specifically the new video with Lena Dunham (any kin to Obama's maternal side of the family?) starring as the #MyFirstTime girl, I have to ask a few questions. 

Do these women really represent the majority of females in this nation? Liberal women express a reflexive and overpowering desire to have their own way with their bodies (uh, that didn't come out right did it?) while demanding seemingly unlimited intrusion by the Grand Overlord of Government on every other facet of their lives. (Speaking of Dunham, I wonder if Obama's mom had had access to the panoply of the modern tools of "Reproductive Rights", if we would even be having this discussion, but I digress.)

Be it health care, tax policy, suppression of the Second Amendment, helmet laws, Dodd-Frank, mandatory health insurance taxes, mandatory seat belt laws, mandatory recycling laws, mandatory GMO labeling, mandatory solar power, EPA control over power plants, mandatory funding of Planned Parenthood, mandatory recognition of gay marriage, these ladies expect free abortions on demand, free contraceptives and free "family planning". What's next, Lena, free tattoo removal?

"You Don't Own Me" PSA from You Don't Own Me on Vimeo.

Take a look at the above video. While nicely done (and I do like the song), I find myself wondering if these lovely women are genuinely worried that they won't be able to get a quick abortion any time they want one. Is this what makes them tick? Is that what compels them to grab a Sharpie and write on their palms? Oh, the humanity...

Of all the people I have known, I can't remember one man who wanted his wife or girlfriend barefoot and pregnant. Quite the contrary, most couples want to limit family size to a manageable number. In fact, I can name many more couples who wanted children but could not have them and who went to extraordinary effort and expense to have a family, than couples with more children than they desired.

To think that this narrow issue is what drives these women to choose their political party and by extension, to vote for Obama without even giving it a second thought, amazes and confounds me.

I guess it takes all kinds.


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