Hillary's RFK Gaffe

I never thought that I would come to Hillary Clinton's defense, but what is the MSM thinking when they say that her recent statement about RFK being assassinated in June had something to do with a deathwish for Barack Obama? I saw the video of her sentence before that now famous utterance and she was comparing how Bill Clinton was campaigning in June of 1992 and Bobby Kennedy was still campaigning when he was assassinated in June, as well. Context matters...

Where The-Asterisk comes in is this: you people HAVE to wake up and realize that whatever you read in a standard newspaper is usually biased and often bunk. How many of you have ever contributed to a story in the paper or on TV, or had first-hand knowledge of a story that was in the media? Remember your first reaction? Was it "Wow, they sure got that story right!" or was it "Wow, it is amazing how screwed up they managed to make this story!"

I bet it was the latter...

You MUST keep this in mind whenever you read ANYTHING in the paper, newsmagazine or see it on TV. I would much rather get my 'news' in the form of commentary from a magazine such as the National Review or a paper like The Wall Street Journal. I trust that the writers are by-and-large conservative and I have come to know where they come down on certain issues (like the WSJ is liberal on the illegal immigrant issue, but conservative on most others.)

As far as the MSM is concerned, Democrats must win in the fall and Obama is the guy to make it happen (plus it will allow them to assuage some of their racial guilt in the process.) Hillary is a turd in the punchbowl and they want her gone ASAP. As a longtime conservative, I am getting a real kick out of watching these guys chew up one of their own. There will be plenty of time for them to push McCain around in the fall, but for now, I can just sit back and watch and enjoy.

But remember how this is playing out now, especially if you are a liberal. This episode can provide you with some much needed perspective when they start beating up on McCain after they clinch it for Obama.


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