Do as I say, not as I do

The chutzpah of Democrats as a group never stops amazing me. It takes grande huevos to do some of the things that they do, but then to watch them either ignore the action or justify it is what truly stuns me.

Two days ago, I tried to Google-up some background information on the vacant Teddy Kennedy seat in Massachusetts. Actually, I had seen a report last week talking about how Sen. Olympia Snowe (RINO-ME) had decided not to back the Baucus-Senate Finance Committee 'Health' bill. The report said that the Democrats only had 59 votes and I thought "what happened to their bulletproof 60, now that the clown senator, Al Franken was swept into office in a landslide in MN?" I found out that Teddy Kennedy's vacant seat could not be filled by the governor because the Democrat legislature had, in 2004, passed a law requiring a 145-160 day waiting period followed by a general election for vacant senatorial seats, rather than the typical governor appointment. Why? Because in 2004, the Dems figured that John Kerry had a shot at becoming Leader of the Free World. What an insult it would be to have a vacant seat in that bastion of one-man-one-vote, Massachusetts, be filled by a Republican governor (Mitt Romney) with a (gasp) Republican!!!

So, like any respectable Democrat would do, if you don't like the way the game is played, change the rules. (Or in the case of New Jersey and Sen. Torricelli's aborted election, don't change the rules, just cheat.) The MA legislature promptly changed the law so that the governor couldn't appoint a replacement senator, they mandated that a special election be held.

Well, the Law of Unintended Consequences kicked in (why do you think they call it a law?) and now Kennedy's seat was to be unfilled for at least 5 months. (Cue the laugh track...) What's a Democrat to do? Well... change the rules again. So apparently (I never saw any news reports on it) they repealed their earlier 2004 law and now the Democrat governor, Deval Patrick, is set to appoint some apparatchik like Mike Dukkakis to fill Kennedy's seat.

My question is, why didn't they just change the law to state that Democrat governors can fill vacancies immediately and Republicans must wait 145 days for a special election? Aren't these guys striving for intellectual honesty? Don't we all want transparancy?

How I wish that the general election was this November instead of next November. I think it would be a bloodbath (figuratively, not literally, at least until after the election when the liberals wingnuts wake up and start acting irrationally.) In Virginia, we have a good chance of replacing a Democrat with a Republican and NJ looks to be gaining some reason as well.

Actually, if I were King (not Larry or Rodney, but The) I would create a vibrant and experienced (but not fossilized) new party. It would be much more traditional Republican than Democrat, but I would design the party so that, at least on the national level, it would be non-committed on such things as abortion and gay marriage, those things that radicalize the fringe of both parties. I would let the various candidates speak to these issues and state and local voters could decide. My party would focus on things that really matter to all of us. And we would try to get things done in a respectable and transparent way. This would probably last about 6 years before the pols fall back into the old ways ("Meet the new boss... same as the old boss.") then we would have to start the process all over again.

I realize this is a fantasy (cue the dream music track) and that San Franciscans are not ever going to replace Waxman or Peolsi. Barney Frank will be there until he dies and Vermont... well, nevermind.

One can only dream.


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