You can check out anytime you like...

...but you can never leave.

I just returned from a Don Henley concert. For those of you under 30 and don't know who he is (or if you are over 30 and clueless), Don Henley is a singer-songwriter and the predominant lead singer for The Eagles. It was a great night and the final stop on his autumn tour for 2009. The first song of the first encore was Hotel California. I have always liked that song and the lyric "you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave" has always stuck with me.

On the drive home, I was thinking of the music that was played tonight and that line kept coming back into my mind. I couldn't help thinking about Nancy's 1,980 pages and Harry's 2,082. And once we are into this abortion of a bill (I can call it that since both sides desperately want the government to pay for abortions, and this law will be the biggest one ever) it will be like Hotel California. We will never be able to leave.

As the Senate prepares its Saturday Night Special and Sen. Mary Landreau is dividing up the spoils of her $100 Million bribe (errr... I mean, special appropriation), and Harry Reid is busy counting to 60, I am not getting a Peaceful Easy Feeling. In a New York Minute, the country is going to get so totally screwed that we will never Get Over It.

When I see Nancy Pelosi's Lying Eyes, I know that she really is a Witchy Woman because this is just the first round of a series of fixes that will be fixing the fix. This bill will show some restraint, with the Dems not quite so willing to Take It To The Limit, but they know that in The Long Run, The Heart of the Matter is that it will keep getting bigger and will never die.

So, The Heat is On the Republicans and Sen. Lieberman. They can stop a cloture vote. For ObamaCare, it is Life in The Fast Lane because they know that if they can't get it done before early 2010, it won't get passed.

Our only hope to fix this mess is if a New Kid in Town pops up, someone that is not afraid of the status quo, and they can air some Dirty Laundry of a key Senator or two and get them to resign. We know that Democrats NEVER resign, but if we can get a couple out by May, then the Boys of Summer that get appointed might be able repeal the law before it gets its claws dug permanently into all Americans. We will truly find out if the Democrats have been Building the Perfect Beast.

Well, sorry for the cheesy Eagles and Don Henley titles and metaphors. it was kind of fun, but at the same time might help someone to realize that if this health insurance reform passes, we will be adversely affected until Hell Freezes Over.


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