Watch your back, Audible!

I was moving around my collection of 'stuff'' during the recent nor'easter after I discovered that a leak in one of the rooms in my house had saturated the carpet with water.

I discovered this little box in perfect condition. It is a set of two cassette tapes containing an abridged Audiobook of Tom Peters' Liberation Management - Necessary Disorganization for the Nanosecond Nineties. It was read by the author, ca 1992.

(I remember the nineties. They seemed to blow by in a nanosecond...)

Even then, I had discovered that the quickest way for me to get through a book was to have someone read it to me. I have bought other books by Tom, and most recently, I have listened to his Audible reading of Re-imagine!

Coming up from Tom in 2010 is his new book, The Little Big Things (163 Ways to Pursue Excellence.)

He writes interesting books, talking more about enterprise than small business, but great food for thought, never-the-less.


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