I've looked at clouds from both sides now

With apologies to Joni Mitchell. I am sure that someone else has used this metaphor before, but I haven't seen it, so I am going to claim it as original thought...

While cruising at 38,000 feet on my way to the Kaseya Connect User Conference in Las Vegas, I am looking out at beautiful, fluffy clouds. I don't know if they are Cumulus, Nimbus, Cirrus or a combination thereof. They just look pretty and innocent. From the ground however, it could be a whole different story. It might be a thunderstorm dumping unneeded rain on saturated ground causing flooding and destruction, or it could be the same storm dumping millions of gallons of water onto parched crops, saving thousands of people from thirst and starvation.

The clouds could also be an annoying drizzle on a family picnic, or they could be providing blessed shade from a blistering sun.

My point is that as we move into cloud computing, every business and every IT service provider will see the same thing in myriad ways; some good, some bad, some game changing, and some merely an annoyance.

Torturing the metaphor just a bit more, as our 737 makes the transition from clear air into the clouds, there can be some turbulence. But an experienced pilot can navigate the aircraft in a way that can minimize discomfort and can sometimes miss the chop all together.

I want to be that pilot for my clients. As the path to their destination forces them to move into the cloud, we will be there to help them to get in, get through and get past it without there being any rain on their parade.

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