What our best and brightest are doing to protect society

I saw this article in the Wall Street Journal yesterday describing how lawyers "concerned about consumer protection" are scouring the shelves and racks of retailers looking for expired patent numbers printed or embossed into products. If the attorneys find an expired patent number, they are filing suit against these companies in the name of the federal government for violating a law that until recently was seen as about as serious as jaywalking.

A recent ruling, however, stated that they could sue for a $500 fine for each violation and each violation could be interpreted as every box, package or item with the bad number. Additionally, the interesting part is that the lawyers split the spoils with the government, so there is no impetus for the feds to pull back on this extortion.

Is this all that these scumbags have to do? Read the article and see the self-aggrandizement dripping from these attorney's statements.

To me this law breaking is about as serious as a company having the wrong ZIP code or area code on their product information.

This is a perfect example of corporate blood-sucking and should be abolished and the affected corporations should be able to sue these law firms for harassment. Plus, the lawyers should be so embarrassed at their triviality that they quit their profession in abject shame.


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