The Great CFL Lie

Turned on the light in the bathroom and one of the two bulbs in recessed fixtures was out. Both are CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps). I reached up and unscrewed the unlit lamp. On it, written in Sharpie, is "8/19/2009 5yr fm GE".

Well, it went out on 4/07/2011, so we didn't even make it to year two. I noticed this tendancy, so several years ago I started writing the in-service date on all CFLs that we use. I have found that none of them last very long and the ALL tout their long life as part of their ROI (return on investment)

Will I send this off to GE and fight them to get a coupon for a new bulb? Probably not. My time is more valuable than that. But hopefully this blog post will put light onto the lie.

You save energy but waste money.

(Hmmmm. If this tendancy is true, then maybe I CAN sell solar panels.)


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