Time for a new paradigm for a Presidential campaign

This will be a quick post.

I think that it is time for a new way of running for President of these United States. Someone should run for President as the leader of a management team and say that if elected, he/she would bring in this committed team to run the nation.

For instance (and don't take this as any endorsement)

The Presidential candidate (who shall remain generic) would announce

Secretary of Technology (combines Energy, Transportation, EPA and Trade) - Newt Gingrich
Secretary of Debt (combines Treasury, HHS and Budget Director) - Paul Ryan
IRS Commissioner - Herman Caine
Secretary of Labor - Chris Christie
Secretary of Commerce - Donald Trump
Press Secretary - Andrew Breitbart
Council of Economic Advisors - Arthur Laffer

The president is important, but he is really just the decider and sets the tone. He doesn't even really set the agenda. The people on the team are the ones that gets things done and can be more important in the long term than the President.

Also, the part should be agnostic on major social issues for a decade. The candidate can be pro-this or anti-that, but the Republicans need to be focused on national policy of the economy and foreign policy. Abortion, gay marriage, gun control are all diversions and make little difference in the big picture. Push it aside and give it a rest.

That's just my opinion and it is my blog.


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