Windows 8, Tablet fate?

I posted the following to Susan Bradley's blog as a reply to her poignant insight into how to best position the Microsoft brand.

Susan, you hit this one out of the park (metaphorically speaking, of course...) I loaded the CP version onto a Dell Latitude ST tablet (no kbd or mouse) supposedly with multitouch and so far, IT SUCKS. Sorry. This Dell is a real tablet, not a convertable. In fact, the tablet looks a lot like an iPad with a aftermarket LineX wrap-around. So, I figured that an O/S that was destined, nee, built for tablet use would feel like a comfortable old running shoe, but it actually felt like a one-size-too-small combat boot (again, metaphorically speaking.) 
The screen lurches, nothing is intuitive, I don't know how to swipe or gesture and I couldn't easily find a User's Guide (do they still make those things?) on the Internet to get me started. 
Like hearing Creed and immediately comparing the band to Pearl Jam, I couldn't help but remember how natural it felt the first time I picked up an iPad... Oh, just tap the icon to run an app? Cool. Oh, that big round button gets you back to the icons? Cool. Oh, look what happens when I pinch the screen, things get smaller. Cool. Oh, so this is how you install an app? Cool. 
I think Microsoft is so afraid that they are going to offend users of 7, Vista, XP and beyond, that they cannot let their hair down and do this thing right. I can see the group in Building X on the campus in Redmond that invented the REAL Microsoft tablet O/S tugging at their shackles and begging for just one hour of sunlight. (Or perhaps, Apple owns all of the patents on natural, intuitive tablet UI elements.) 
I am sure that in the end, I, along with the hoardes of IT professionals, will drink the Kool-Aid and learn to accept Metro and quickly learn how to turn it off for everyday use. I also imagine that Window 8 R2 SP1 will fix a lot of what is wrong with the product, but by then another century (in computer years) will have been squandered. 
And, by the way, why didn't the RDP client connect to my Terminal Ser... uh, RDS server?


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