Open letter to my two Senators

There is a lot of buzz in the conservative community (hey, if gays and African-Americans can have a community, so can we) about the proposed signing of the UN Arms Trade Treaty. The rumor is that if this treaty is passed, it gives the UN the right to audit and to control even the existing weapons within the borders of a sovereign nation.

I understand the desire to disarm the world, but guess what? It ain't gonna happen. Sorry folks... reality check. We tried it with Wiemar Germany, we tried it with alcohol during Prohibition, we have tried it with illicit drugs. How's that prostitution thing working out? To think that anyone can voluntarily remove the singular item that allows any man to control any other man is ludicrous. Laudable, yes. Attainable, no.

With these thoughts in mind, here is the text of a message I sent to my two senators, Senator Mark Warner and Senator Jim Webb.

SNAP! I overwrote my cache, so I lost my text. So, here is the jist of it:

Senator, we can be trusted, but the bad guys can't. The UN will come after us to uphold our end of the treaty. The bad guys? Not so much.

Don't vote for ratification.


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