Is our air too clean?

I am not a scientist, but neither are our politicians, pundits and eco-terrorists. After this past, crazy-cold winter and predictions of a blazing summer, has anyone considered the fact that our atmosphere might be TOO CLEAN? Think about it. In the middle of the winter, a greenhouse is usually a lot warmer than it is outside. In the summer, it is hot as well, but the temperature is moderated between the highs and the lows. Also, there is not a lot of turbulence inside a greenhouse.

So, if they are claiming that increased CO2 in our atmosphere causes a "greenhouse effect", then the Chicken Littles had better get their metaphors straight.

Consider this: if the air was devoid of smoke, smog, dust and other particulate matter, the sun's immense heat would have nothing to stop it from warming up the earth. And the opposite might be true as well... nothing to stop the radiant heat from dispersing when there is no sun (at night and in the winter.)

Another phenomenon of weather (I ain't no meteorologist, either) is that when there is a stark difference in temperatures between two locations, there is a lot of wind created to balance the two, which creates storms.

As long as there have been humans on this earth, there has been fire. The American Indians used fire as a huge tool to manage the land until the Europeans arrived. Civilizations existed by burning to cook, manufacture and stay warm. Now our air is crystal clear and the EPA wants to make gasoline even cleaner.

Yes, the sky is beautiful and yes, I breathe a lot easier than I did in 1960, but maybe... just maybe, our air is TOO CLEAN for our own good.


Anonymous said…
Its a fact. Rain, thunder, lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. depends on sun heated air. How long till the powers-that-be begin putting reflectors into world air? Scientists know, the meteorologists know ... what major weather catastrophe will make the world know that our air is too clean?!?

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