The Department of Renouning

From the federal Department of Renouning, "It isn't a cancellation notification, it is a non-renewal notification."

For more detail, check out this USA Today article entitled, "Q&A: Insurance cancellation controversy explained."

Yes, it is true. People have purchased crappy health insurance policies and some of those folks thought that they were good policies until they actually had to use them. But, think about it, people make crappy decisions all the time. They have crappy cars, crappy houses and crappy spouses. They send their crappy children to crappy government schools where they hang out with their crappy friends. They buy crappy cell phone plans and drink crappy beer. They live in crappy neighborhoods and listen to crappy music on their totally awesome iPhones. They make crappy decisions about what to eat and how to stay in shape and when a huge storm hits, they don't have even crappy insurance to help pay for the damage.

So, now, when they get sick, they won't have the option of owning a crappy health insurance policy. They will only have the option of purchasing one they cannot afford to pay for and even worse, cannot afford the out-of-pocket deductables (up to $8,000 per year). The good news is that after paying the $99 penalty (excuse me, the $99 tax) for not purchasing health insurance, they will have a little more money in their pocket each month to buy more crap.

I struggle to understand the motivation of the left. Does the caring end at forcing people to live a healthier life? Or does it extend to having healthier thoughts? Or healthier relationships (with whomever or whatever they desire)? For people who, at every opportunity, espouse being pro-choice, it certainly seems that choice is the last thing any of these people want to bestow upon the unanointed citizenry (except, of course, the choice to abort a fetus at any moment.)

I would think that most liberals, if they choose to think about it, are having schizophrenia-like symptoms. There is a distinct dichotomy between declaring "Freedom!", like an old Richie Havens anthem, and having to make tough committee-based decisions so that everyone fit into the same carton of homogeneous beliefs and strictures.

The-Asterisk feels that 2013 is the year when the liberal wing finally jumped the shark. For 50 years, the Liberal "dog" has been chasing after the Establishment "car" and when it finally chased it down and took a bite, it realized that it had chomped down on its own tail. But, I am sure the federal Department of Renouning will come up with a perfect term this achievement. I can hear Jay Carney now, "Our success just underscores the need for further goal resetting."



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