Oh, the Humanity!

Outrage. That sense of being incredibly, vein-poppingly angry about something you have no control over and that you feel is totally someone else's fault. The sort of outrage that residents of Ft. Lee, NJ are expressing this week over the discovery that members of Gov. Chris Christie's staff ordered lane closures as alleged retribution for Ft. Lee's mayor's unwillingness to endorse Christie's bid for reelection.

I get it. It sucked being backed up in traffic for close to an hour. Normal rush hour gridlock extended into the mid-day time frame. Heck, people are even calling it a "public health issue" because ambulance service couldn't get across the bridge.

But what about non-Governor-caused traffic tie ups? Those where there is a bad accident and a major highway is shut down for hours with no regard for those involved in the tie-up? Where is the outrage? Where is the class-action lawsuit when you have been held captive in a traffic snarl for 90 minutes and when you finally creep by the accident, the ambulance and helicopter is gone, and there is nothing more than 20 public safety people milling about smartly filling out paperwork. No one is directing traffic. Nothing is done to expedite the rubberneckers. Who do you call to get an hour and a half of your life back? You may have missed an important appointment. You may bill by the hour and you just lost $450. It happens every single day.

When it isn't an accident, it could be roadwork. While the state of Virginia has been pretty good about scheduling most of these tie-ups at night, it still is an inconvenience. And for those of you who live in Hampton Roads, what about the gridlock at the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel almost every day?

I have written letters to the Governor of Virginia for the past 5 administrations about traffic issues and all I get in return is a letter from the Chief of the State Police or from the administrator of the Virginia DOT telling me that they are already doing everything they can do. I can see their eyes rolling in Richmond as they sign the letter.

So, citizens of Ft. Lee... get over yourselves. We all recognize that the investigations and the lawsuits are a reverse form of retribution and recrimination.

Does his deeds make your deeds any more noble?

Show us all how to break the cycle of hate.


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