Bad messaging, that's all it was

All of the brouhaha here, here, here, here and here, about Indiana over the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is really much ado about nothing.

First, one thing I can say without reservation is that conservatives SUCK at messaging. SUCK! Conservatives care about the end result, not the journey to get there. Liberals know how to spin and are willing to spend years in the wilderness as they slow chip away at the edifice of social norms.

George Stephanopolous' well orchestrated attack on Gov. Mike Pence on This Week, last Sunday was no accident. Pence had to have known that he would be punching the tar baby. Why he chose to subject himself to such a set-up is puzzling. As George kept baiting him with the question "Under this law, is it legal for a florist to deny service to a same-sex couple citing religious reasons?" and later "So, answer yes or no, is it OK to discriminate against gays in Indiana?", the governor was not going to take the bait, so he non-answered right out of the liberal playbook. But, as we all know, liberal superpowers cannot be used against liberals. So, the governor looked like a bigoted putz. George even violated the "ask twice, then move on rule." My count was that he asked at least five times.

All of this could have been avoided.

All Indiana had to do was call this a Conscientious Objector law. That's it. Simple.

There is NO liberal who could mount an effective attack on being a Conscientious Objector. That is how they get out of doing things they really don't want to do. Many folks got out of going to Vietnam and other wars due to conscientious objection. What is even more ironic is that many conscientious objectors did so on religious grounds.

Yes, this is the Bizarro world of American political discourse. Grab a comic book and enjoy the present.


Robert Goehring said…
Nicely put. Although I don't necessarily believe that only the Conservative messages suck. The Gaystapo finds it is much easier to attack, attack, lie, lie, attack, lie, attack and then start again than to even stop for a moment and listen to the other side.

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