It Is A Time For...

Donald Trump won the US presidential race last night. Now it is a time for healing, or so they say. Yes, we need us some healing right about now, but healing is superficial. With the wounds as deep as they are in our nation, we need some serious wound therapy. Healing, at this point, is unicorns and rainbows.

Now is a time for leadership. Plain and simple leadership. Not schoolyard bully leadership. Not I-just-got-appointed-as-EPA-secretary leadership. Not the sort of leadership we have at the IRS. No, we need empathetic, goals-oriented leadership which will start getting things done from jump.

I predict that Trump will pardon Hillary in order to start the healing and move on. He won't pardon Bill, her accomplices or the Foundation, but I actually think it would be a disarming move for him to do so. You heard it here first, folks. There is too much that is needed to get done for Congress to be wrapped up in investigations and hearings for years. If she accepts the pardon, it is her effectively agreeing that she is guilty and is taking a bye from the new man in charge. That is leadership.

I think that a lot of what Trump talked about in the campaign was opening round tactics. He will meet many of these goals, but his methods will not be as strident as what he talked about in his speeches. He WILL build the wall and start expelling criminal aliens from this country. He will figure out a way to punish the illegals without physically sending 11 million home. He has to, but it has to be done in a way which is not amnesty and is NOT a path to citizenship.

He has a lot of smart folks on his team and there is a lot we can do starting right now. He can lead by using his knowledge of contracting and legalities to move construction projects forward. He can use already appropriated money to get started. If he can show results, I guarantee that the money for many more projects will be found.

Leadership, not dodgeball. That is what we need in DC. Maybe, just maybe, we now will see what it feels like.

It is time...


Robert Goehring said…
Although your critical thinking is sometimes right, in this case, I certainly disagree. Why would the first populist president in over a century expend most of his political capital in one, wrong move? By pardoning one of the most corrupt politicians in the United States since Daley in Chicago or LaGuardia in New York or LBJ in Texas or Huey Long in Louisiana, President Trump would confound the vast majority of his supporters AND would convince us that he really is "one of them" who used the ol' bait-and-switch on us again.

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