The Real Candidate of Change

Today's front page article in the Wall Street Journal headline states "Clinton Team Seeks to Calm Turmoil". It shows who is IN, who is STAYING ON and who is OUT.

Patty Doyle, her campaign manager and Mike Henry, her deputy campaign manager are out and all of the old school Clinton lieutenants like Ickes, Penn, Grunwald and Wolfson are staying in. No problem, it is her campaign and she can do with it what she wants. What is the old saying? When your enemy is self destructing, just get out of the way and let them finish the job?

So where does The-Asterisk come in? I am glad you asked...

How does this reorganization, this reshaping, this house cleaning, differ from when President Bush, after six years of stability, decided to oust a few of his US Attorneys last year? Remember the hue and cry? "Just because there is a little bit of policy difference, he has no right to clean house." Remember that John McCain did the same thing last year when his campaign was in the toilet.

ANY manager reserves the right to replace any subordinate if the need arises. That is the deal when the subordinate signs on. In the case of President Bush, his error was in not taking the pundits on immediately and setting the record straight with the American populace (at least those who cared and were listening.)

On the positive side, maybe this shows that Clinton and McCain are willing to fix things and take the heat instead of letting it go until it is too late.

I anxiously await the wailing from the fairness people about Hillary's latest move. I suspect that I will be waiting a long time. Double standards die hard.


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