The Key to victory in November

As an unpaid (and unheard) advisor to the McCain campaign, I think I have the two issues that will be key to a McCain victory this November. Energy and Security. I am not going to belabor the security issue in this posting. I think that he has spoken, and he will continue to speak well about the security we need to face an uncertain world infested with radical extremism (religious, environmental and others.)

I would like to amend the record with my suggestion to him about how to use the energy issue to electrify (pardon the pun) the American public to support him at the ballot box. Let me make it clear that if he campaigns on these proposals, the MUST follow through with them in a manner by which the public can see that he is serious about energy and its lagging indicator, security.

After immediate consultations with the affected parties and countries, I would have him come out and announce that immediately after inauguration he will commence a Manhattan Project-style initiative to relieve this country of 90% of all imported oil. He will announce that he will enter into partnership with Great Britian, France, Germany, Israel and Japan to develop, manufacture and market renewable and non-renewable energy sources. These will include new battery technology, industrial and domestic solar panels for generating electricity, electric automobiles (small, total electrics for local use and larger hybrid or EVs for longer trips), massive expansion of nuclear power plants, the use of natural gas to heat homes that are currently using fuel oil, and of course, the usual litanny of windmills, hydro, tidal, etc.

There are now non-hostile governments (notice that I did not say US-friendly) in Germany and France. France has the nuclear power thing figured out. The left LOVES France, and they may just agree to further nuclear power production if the arguments for it are made by the French, in a French accent. Let us purchase French technology or some French nuclear power plants. The US does not have (to my knowledge) the infrastructure to start installing nuclear plants quickly. The French do. They also seem to have the disposal thing figured out as well. They will be partners, lets buy plants some from them.

The Germans are still a technological powerhouse. They are being held over a barrel (pun was intended) by the Russians for their oil supply. So is Eastern Europe. Let us work with Germany, Great Britain and Israel to develop the science to be able to produce cost-effective alternatives. The Israelis are particularly skilled at battery production.

Japan can help, too. Even though Japan is a rapidly declining society in terms of their population, they still have a few good years left, and they import practically all of their energy. The Japanese definitely have a vested interest in seeing imports of oil reduced and they are a dependable ally.

In order for this to work, we will need some sort of free-trade zone based not on geography, but on a sector of the economy... energy. Yes, the definition of what constitutes an energy resource will need to be discussed and hashed out, but it can be done. Use common sense, if that is possible in the political world, and move forward with it. Negotiate a treaty and have it signed on July 4, 2009.

Remember... Great Britian, Norway, Canada and many other non-Middle Eastern countries produce oil. Oil is still needed for many, many products beyond transportation. China will need oil, India will need oil. Africa is ready to move up into the modern age and will need more and more oil, so it is not like our energy independance will ruin the rest of the world, vis-a-vis energy production. What it will do, however, is remove the US and our 'energy allies' from the despotic grip of countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela, and unstable countries like Kenya, Nigeria and Indonesia.

McCain should tell America: Face it, we can never get rid of the crazies, the nut cases and the truly evil leaders in this world. But what we can do is insulate ourselves from their influence, and stop giving them money that we could better use ourselves and with our friends. If the other oil consuming nations want to deal with them, fine. Just count us out of that fight.

Point the nation to a realistic expectation that we can have electric cars, better energy solutions for our homes and national self-reliance in the next 10 to 15 years, and I think that Americans are ready to line up behind that individual.

All of the rest of the promises that Obama made during his coronation speech are nicities. Tax credits for college sound good. Middle class tax cuts (if you actually believe him) sound good. Free health care for everyone sounds good. I think that most Americans who actually think about this kind of thing realizes that there ain't no free lunch. Most Americans also realize that every time they pay $3.79 for a gallon of gasoline, a huge chunk of that goes back to the Saudis or to Chavez or to any other entity (even Exxon) and that is REAL money. Not some pie-in-the-sky promise of a tax cut or a rebate or a refundable tax credit. Saving $1.50 per gallon goes right to the bottom line! So does paying NO money for gasoline and only a moderate increase in your monthly electric bill to pay to charge your car.

Throw the Global Warming or Climate Crisis (or whatever they want to call it) problems overboard. If the Chicken Littles of the Green movement truly believe that Global Warming is a crisis and not just a vehicle to force industrialized nations back into the days of dung heaps from horses and denuding forests for firewood, they should be on-board with this initiative. If not, we will see their true colors.

Come on, McCain. Let's shake them up and get moving!


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