That's Entertainment?!?

I just watched Saturday Night Live. I made a point of watching it to see Tina Fey play Sarah Palin. I thought she did a great job and her vocals were spot-on. The opening skit with "Hillary" was well written (most likely by Fey, who was once the head writer for the show), and was actually funny, which is quite a departure for most SNL fare.

But, that is not why I am posting this one. No, I just watched the musical guest, Lil Wayne, perform two songs. I was totally... what is the word??? totally... flabbergasted... yeah, flabbergasted that this music was played. Even more so when I found that the 'hit' Lollypop sold over a million copies in the first week of its release. And the album went double platinum in just 9 weeks! Actually the band wasn't so bad. It had the standard hip-hop beat... that same back-beat funky thing that would be right at home backing up just about any rapper. The problem was with Mr. Carter himself.

We, as Americans, are just brutal towards people on talent shows, Karaoke night, friends, schoolmates and others who try to sing and just don't hit the mark. We make fun of them, boo them, thumbs down, all to show our dissatisfaction with their lack of appropriate talent, and all the while, this dude goes double platinum. People, that is 2 million copies of his CD! Do the math. I wonder what his home in the Hamptons looks like? Probably nicer than 50 Cent's. I wonder if he has accountants figuring out how he can minimize taxes, or as a democrat, does he figure that the government can better spend his money? He is probably looking forward to Barack O as Pres, so that all of his income over $250,000 can be taxed an additional 15.3%. I mean, it is the fair thing to do, and neighborly, too.

Maybe his CD is better, but as a whole, the segment was a piece of $#!+. Wow! Talk about a pig and lipstick (oops, better not use that one.)


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