And we can't stop it either...

Al Gore will never change his mantra on this subject, but I must refute his thesis. Climate Change? Yes, of course. Man-made? Probably not. Can we do ANYTHING about it? No.

As this winter that we still have not escaped in the Northern Hemisphere proves, the climate does change. Funny how every person's reference point for the "good ol' days" is how things were when he or his parents were young. Al is a smart man but he does not exhibit his intelligence by holding onto this theory of man-made climate change.

The believers will say "Oh, we have to do SOMETHING before it is too late." The problem is, if they do do something and it doesn't change things, then they will say that the non-believers wouldn't let them do enough, or we waited until it was too late. If they do something and the seas do not rise, then they will say that what they did worked and the non-believers were idiots.

This is the same modification scenario where Global Cooling became Global Warming which then became Global Climate Change, all within a 40 year period which is a flyspeck of a nano-particle on the continuum of the almost 4 billion years that we believe this earth has been in existence.

How arrogant for us to think that we have the power to change the fundamental operation of this planet on which we live. Unfortunately, the non-believers are lumped into the same group as the land-rapers of the past. I resent this community organization. I fully want an energy independent United States. I would like to see the use of coal as an energy source reduced. Right now, the most feasible, massive energy source is nuclear. It will be a long time before true alternates can supply the world's voracious appetite for electricity and motive energy. The developing countries (as well as ourselves) cannot get enough energy already, so we are going to stop 80% of our electrical generating capacity to stop Climate Change??????????

Mr. Gore should turn his attention away from such a controversial 'scientific argument' and focus toward something more helpful, like pushing nuclear, natural gas drilling and other 'clean' energy sources past the enviro-wackos and the NIMBY alarmists.

Except for the ELF-style protestors who want nothing less than the total destruction of any capitalist society, the believers and the non-believers seem to ultimately have the same goal: clean, cheap, responsible energy that can power us all to a better, more sustainable tomorrow.

So, can't we all just get along?

in reference to: Op-Ed Contributor - We Can’t Wish Away Climate Change - (view on Google Sidewiki)


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