As we step into a new era in government control

I sit here watching the House of Representatives voting on the Health Care Reform bill. Unless something unexpected happens, this Senate bill (and its companion House bill) will become the law of the land. So many Democrat Congresspersons have sold out for promises and innuendo.

Now, the final vote is in: 219-Yea, 212-Nay and they are cheering.

The-Asterisk observation: The ‘big’ insurance companies were made the Bogey men and the Dems took up an "us against them" stance. What the applause-givers don’t talk about is the fact that so much of what is wrong with our health ‘system’ now is government imposed rules, regulation and restrictions. Business fulfilling a need is like water in a swollen river, you cannot stop it and when it reaches an obstacle, it either goes over it or around it. That is why our health system is such a labyrinth of insane nonsense. And the Pelosi-Reid-Obama triumvirate think that this 2500 page tome is going to fix it? Are they freaking insane?????

Like the housing/finance collapse which was caused by incessant government meddling, this is the beginning of a HUGE new set of unintended consequences, the scope of which we can barely fathom.

It is truly historic and my sadness over this decision is epic.


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