Bristol "The Pistol" Palin and DWTS

Wow, the spewing forth that is going on in the blogosphere and in the media about Bristol Palin winning not getting the boot on Dancing With The Stars last Tuesday night is actually quite amazing. If we could all show this much concern about the North Koreans building a new nuclear material enrichment facility, we might have a better situation right now. (Ooops, sorry, The Situation got booted a few weeks ago.)

Anyway, my point for this abbreviated version of The-Asterisk is that many of the left wing "spewers" have mentioned that Sarah Palin is a know-nothing, obnoxious, attention-grabbing, right wing nutbag that wants to be President of these United States. So? Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton thought they had a shot at it. So did Dennis Kusinich, Pat Robertson and Al Gore.

And speaking of glow-in-the-dark intelligence driving great job performance, how is Barack Obama doing on the foreign policy stage lately? Yeah, lighting up the G20, eh?

Sometimes I think that having a huge naturally occurring case of common sense ability in a candidate would trump all of the book-larnin' that liberals like to say that conservatives never have. Is Sarah Palin the one with the common sense that can run our nation properly? Who knows, and with the nation divided quite evenly and vehemently right down the middle, no matter who wins, exactly half of the US population will automatically think that the winner sucks.

Think about this: if people place such little credit towards one who has the common sense of the 'little people' then why do feel good movies like Dave strike such a chord with the folks? Because we don't think it is possible to get someone with common sense in the White House?

(The-Asterisk observation: The oxymoronic truth is that if someone had any common sense, they wouldn't be seeking the job anyway...)


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