The Terrorists Have Won

Every time I pass through an American airport, I think to myself "The terrorists have won." This has been my opinion for the past eight years or so. I don't think these prehistoric goons with a modern education ever imagined that they would or could collapse not one but BOTH of the World Trade Center towers. Given the heinous-ness of that action, there is NO WAY that they could have predicted how easily the US Government, both Republican and Democrat, would allow them to irreversibly change the way every traveller is affected every day.

But once they saw how easily we were manipulated, I DO think that they took thier most hapless stooges, sent them off on a 'mission' to blow up a plane, knowing that they would get caught, but realizing that with each of their Keystone Kops mis-adventures, they were throwing yet another bag of sand in the gears of commerce.

And THAT is really their goal. To scare us back to the Stone Age. Not bomb us back to the Stone Age (yeah, that works in third world countries where bombing them back to the Stone Age is not that far of a journey) but scare us in the same way that lawyers have sucked the life out of the step ladder industry.

Here is today's DrudgeReport home page picture:

A Catholic nun is being patted down by a dutiful TSA agent. At first glance, it appears that the TSA 'patter' is wearing a head scarf. But, it couldn't be... that would be just too rich. I did hear on the radio that CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) has asked for a special exception for Islamic women who find being touched by strangers in that 'special way' as offensive.

People, YOU JUST CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP. Seriously. We get harassed by crazy Muslims ostensibly in the name of their religion, our shields go to full repel mode, and they have the huevos to ask for an exception when in reality, they are the only ones that should be xrayed and cavity searched in the first place??? WTF?

I really think that sane Americans are about to reach a tipping point. We proved that we are near it with the election results from earlier this month. Now we realize this xray thing is absurd, but real. I will be traveling on Thursday. We shall see how exciting it gets in LAX on the return flight. If more people travelled on a regular basis, the pushback would have already happened. Hats off to the pilots and flight attendant unions for resisting further erosion of our rights. Fighting back against this sort of thing will certainly send innocent people to jail. I hope I am not one of them...


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