Joe Biden

Well, in a previous posting, I predicted that Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, aka Caroline Kennedy (her married surname is nowhere to be seen these days) would be selected to be Obama's VP running mate. I still think that she would have made a perfect running mate, because of name recognition, sex (being female, that is) and the mystique of Camelot I. But, pragmatism being what it is, Obama needed some gravitas, so he picked the loquacious Senator Joe Biden, a true Washington outsider because he takes a train back to Delaware each evening. Hmmmm, I wonder if he has the government pay for his train fare? It is against tax regulations for the employer to pay for transport between one's home and one's work.

(Asterisk note: since the House and the Senate have met so very seldom in the past two years, I don't think that this loco-commute is such a heroic thing. About the only time they are actually in town and in session is to conduct hearings on Iraq and the Bush Administration, and to vote on resolutions like National Kumquat Awareness Month, so it is no more out of the way than Congressman Wexler's home.)

Since my crystal ball is 0 for 1 right now, the * will be a bit more cautious with predictions henceforth. But... I will make one more prediction: Hope will be triumphant in the upcoming Presidential election*.

* Either the agent of Hope (Obama) will win, or my fervent hope that anybody but Obama becomes president will win.


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