What is "The-Asterisk" reading?

First, I rarely 'read' a book anymore. I read tech journals and newspapers and web postings voraciously, but reading a book? Puleeeeese! I just don't have the time. Call it short attention span living (SAS 2.0). I subscribe to Audible and I have listened to many great books.

My latest conquest is "America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It" by Mark Steyn. It describes, with humor, witticism and a touch of alarmism, how most of the developed countries are in a demographic death spiral; on track to lose as much as half of their native population in the next 35 years. The 'good' news is that the Muslim population is breeding at almost 2x the replacement rate and immigrating into most of these countries, so that within the next 50 years, they will be the dominant demographic element in Europe and many other countries around the world.

Yes, nature abhors a vacuum and that giant sucking sound is Europe being replaced by Eurabia. Is it too late to change? Most likely.

Guys, this is frightening stuff. Not only are the European populations self-anihilating in a scope that eclipses what Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot could accomplish, they are being replaced by people that subscribe to a radical form of Islam that should make every humanist, homosexual and eco-worryer out there curl up into the fetal position (no pun intended... seriously.)

If you believe the population statistics and trends from the UN, then it is time to start panicking, especially if you are under 30! Remember, a fertility rate of 2.1 sustains a population. (You just have to click on that link and look at the chart and the map!) A fertility rate of 1.1 (Russia in 2006) will cause a halving of the population every generation. PLUS, if there are no children to work and pay taxes, who is going to fund the pension and welfare for Granny and Gramps?

Remember, our Social Security system and the social democratic benefits of most of our national peer group members is a giant Ponzi scheme, where the benefit paid out at the top comes from the premiums that the new entrants at the bottom are paying in. There is NO investment or growth in a Ponzi scheme, just income redistribution. When the gozowta is less than the gozinta, you have major problems. Remember also, that in Europe, many, many of the immigrants are on welfare, so they are not even contributing to propping up the system they are about to take over! Talk about a perfect storm!

Anyway, the problem with this kind of book is that I get kind of depressed for a few days, but, you know, such is the price for being well informed. The benefit, is that it allows me to see news and developments in a whole different light (what about Russia vs. Georgia?)

Sorry for the buzz kill, but you have to get this book!


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