The Night of Obama

Random notes from the big night at Invesco Field:

-- Climate Crisis? What happened to Global Warming? I guess with the coolest August in many years, they had to 're-brand' the term.
-- End a woman's right to choose? Time for a change!
-- Younger voters ALWAYS vote liberal. Grownups vote conservative. Adult liberals just haven't grown up, yet.
-- 100 years ago, Al Gore would probably have taken the place of P.T. Barnum. The parallel is astounding. Step right up!
-- Hitler and Mussolini thought they were right, didn't they? Talk about moral authority!
-- When does John Edwards speak?
-- Take our county back? Take it back, or get it back? Back from what? Ever see a child have a visitor come over and the little visitor picks up a toy? Then the child whines and grabs the toy away from the visiting child, then puts it back down because she really didn't want it? She just didn't want the other kid to have it? That is what I think when I see the Dems go on and on about taking back our country. Now that you have it, don't ruin it!
-- Why do we need to restore our power and prestige on the international stage when the Democrat platform specifically precludes us from using that power? And will prestige help us work 'progress' through the UN? Really?!?!?
-- Biden is on stage...
-- "I get knocked down, but I get up again..."
-- Plain ol' Americans on the stage now.
-- The families struggling to get to the next day.
-- Working class families in Detroit were doing great until the Bush administration came around. Bush sent 100's of thousands of jobs overseas. Detroit was doing great? What year was that? 1956? What was that dude smoking?
-- How can you get a tax break if you don't pay taxes?
-- Bush is killing cities in Ohio. How 'bout dat? (By the way, employment is up this quarter.)
-- Hurricanes, high gas prices in Florida. Diabetic and no health insurance. Bush and Cheney has done nothing for her. Didn't Jeb Bush get all the goodies from his brother to help out after the multiple hurricanes.
-- This woman is 60 years old and has a great job and is a PhD. Her parents and grandparents raised her and put her through school. Now, George Bush won't let kids learn. Well, how in the Hell did she make it without early childhood education and a $4000/yr refundable tax credit for college. Bush really is a bastard isn't he?
-- Her husband and she had a nice job, 401K, education, nice house, four kids, the American dream. Then Bush arrived. Husband needed heart surgery. She had no health insurance as a nurse. He had health insurance, but now they have none. She needed open heart surgery. Now they are struggling with medical bills.
-- He was a proud republican. You could go to the factory and get a job the same day. His dad worked in the RCA factory making TV tubes since 1947. In 2004, the plant closed. Bush sent his job overseas (got that?) He got a job working in a distribution center. (Probably doesn't have health care either.) Now he is an Obama man... At least he has a job. He could have waited around like the people on the Southside of Chicago... waiting around for someone (who? the man?) to build another factory or to bring a bus to take them to the employment office and sign up for unemployment.
-- Jim Angle (Fox News): "They don't dislike him because he is black, the dislike him because he is green." I like that turn of a phrase.
-- I wonder how much energy was wasted on that big temporary stage and how they are going to recycle all that stuff?
-- Dick Durban is on stage now. My "mute button finger" is twitching, but I am sitting firm, making myself listen to the Great Bloviator.
-- Comparing Obama to Lincoln (a Republican) sickens me.
-- Broken promises of the past 8 years... I guess a Republican President would have needed 60 senators that wouldn't bolt to the other side of the aisle to ensure that those promises wouldn't be broken.
-- Obama's grandparents weren't complainers. They didn't expect anything from anybody. My... how times have changed.
-- Chicago had failing schools, factories closing, infrastructure crumbling, rampant crime. Hmmm. Isn't Chicago a died in the wool Democratic city? Well what happened? Where is the American promise?
-- All of that electricity. What is the carbon footprint?
-- HE is on stage. He actually walked on. I expected him to be dropped down from on high with angel wings and a single white spotlight.
-- He accepts the nomination. The era of Guilt is now over.
-- Hard work and sacrifice?
-- Katrina drowned a city? Democrat city government. Democrat state government. Asleep at the wheel. Blame the Feds.
-- Eight is Enough!
-- Here we go... McCain is a hero deserving of our respect. Shallow words. Disdain for the military.
-- Tax breaks for oil companies. Rich is over $5,000,000. The whole truth right? Time for a change.
-- What if the 'haves' decide to keep their money? What if they don't create jobs or pay any more taxes (since they don't earn income do they?) Who is going to pay for all of the gifts that he wants to give out?
-- Can't take a day off because of a sick child? Maybe you can take a day off like the Senators in Washington do? How many days has Obama worked this year? Does he still cash his paycheck and get his gold plated health insurance? You bet your ass he does!
-- Funny, how everyone's parents and grandparents made it, but no one can now. Why can't they make it? Too many government restrictions? Too many taxes? Tuition too high because of calcified tenured professors? Business expense out of control because of union rules? Put down the cell phone and the Nintendo with your 42" plasma screen and go back to school. (Don't forget the Pell Grant.)
-- What is the American promise? Small business is supposed to create good jobs until you are taxed or sued out of existance.
-- I am my brother's keeper. Unless your brother lives in Kenya in a shack.
-- Tell Barnie Frank about writing tax code.
-- He will cut capital gains on small business. As a small business owner, I seriously doubt it.
-- McCain has been in Washington for 26 years and is bad and corrupt, but Biden has been there for 36! What does that make him?
-- Did you see everyone sit down when he said NUCLEAR power?
-- He will invest $150 Billion in renewable energy. Does he have that kind of money?
-- Provide EVERY child with a world-class eduction. Does he have that kind of money?
-- The promise of health care for everyone. Whose promise? Does he have that kind of money?
-- He will pay for every dime of it by ending corruption, lobbyists and giving middle class citizens tax breaks.
-- Corporate loopholes closed. Good luck getting that through a Democrat Congress!
-- I bet Osama will turn himself in if Obama is elected.
-- I do agree that Iraq needs to turn over the $79 Billion in petro-dollars for our help with infrastructure rebuilding in their broken country.
-- He will rebuild our military? Maybe Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton can advise him on this effort.
-- His patriotism statement sounds great... no Red or Blue America. But how will the Congress react if McCain does win? Would the Dems work with him? Will Obama lead the Congress in working across the aisle? Stay tuned, but don't hold you breath.
-- How many lesbians are excluded from visiting their partners in the hospital? I mean really!?!?
-- Every President wants change, but the problem is the Congress who is a tool of 'the people.' Deal with that, Mr. President!
-- Americans demanded change in 1994 and got a new Congress, but the President blocked the change. If we get Obama as president, I know that Congress will thwart him every step of the way.
-- Would Al Gore have a problem with all of the smoke and carbon from the fireworks?
-- You own your own failures? What is Chris Matthews talking about? MSNBC had just dumped the vat of Kool-Aid on themselves. It was actually a mutually experienced orgasm. I can hardly wait until I watch Keith Olberman and Chris after McCain's acceptance speech.
-- Fox was quite a bit more gracious, with Bill Kristol actually saying he thought the speech exceeded expectations. Chris Wallace was almost effusive.

I agree with Nina Easton on Fox who said that it was really, up until the last two minutes, a bunch of same old, same old, except it was masterfully delivered. If the last few minutes were delivered by a Republican or Libertarian who could kudgel his way through the House and Senate to get bills passed, I would have been standing on my chair cheering, but do you really think that he will get anything through Congress, after a few token bills, posing as window dressing and sacrificial gifts? The anti-porkbarrel politicians will be squelched again this year as in the past. If Obama is to be successful, he will have to give the gift that keeps on giving, allowing Congress to pass ever increasing amounts of give-aways to the 95% of America that he wants to get the bennies and who will eventually pay no taxes.

My question is: Does anyone really think that the 5% will stick around to pay the bill for all of this stuff? I think you know the answer. They will head out of the country faster than Alec Baldwin after Bush got elected. (Oh, that's right, he didn't leave...)

Too much excitement. I'm going to bed.


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