Quick Recipe for Fluffy Omelette

I'm no Alton Brown, but I have a quick and easy recipe for a fluffy omelette that I kinda, sorta made up. It is really tasty and not hard to cook, which is a prerequisite for any kitchen adventure on which I embark.

First, the ingredients:


Optional ingredients:

Lobster (or other meat)

So here's the deal. I use one of those non-stick skillets that has a curved side so that I can flip the omelette. This is the skillet that I use (and no, I didn't pay that much for it. It was part of a set.)

You take your eggs (my omelette today had 5 eggs) and separate the whites from the yolks. The yolks can go into a small bowl, but the whites need to go into a mixing bowl. Since we used cheddar cheese this morning, I dumped some shredded cheddar onto a cutting surface and just chopped the cheese up until it was in small little pieces which makes it better for quick melting.

I then poured the cheese into the yolks and mixed them together into a thick, yellow goo. When I was ready to eat, I quickly did the following.

I put the skillet on the heat. My stove is a flat surface electric, so it took a bit longer to get hot. While the skillet was warming, I grabbed my hand egg beater and whipped the whites into a semi-fluffy consistency. (Easy does it, we aren't making meringue, here.) Once it is frothy, fold the yolk/cheese/additions mix into the whites. Then, dump the mix into the heated and greased skillet.

After a few seconds, use a silicone spatulato gently lift the omelette to let the liquid flow under the cooked egg. Keep doing this until most of the uncooked egg has been shifted under the omelette. Be very careful and do not scorch the egg. At this point, you will need a little bit of skill and finesse.

Flip the omelette. I use the famous 'wrist' method of holding the skillet over the sink (I'm not that good) and flip the omelette into the air, catching it on its drop, hopefully on the other side. This step is a failure point, so it may be a good idea to practice with some pancakes or such in advance.
Note: if you are adding meat such as shrimp, lobster bits, etc. place the warmed meat in the skillet just before flipping the omelette. If you are adding tomatoes, cut them in small wedges and saute slightly beforehand.
Once flipped, swirl the omelette in the pan until it firms up the remaining egg. Don't poke at the omelette. You want it to remain tall and fluffy.

Within a few seconds, you can slide your perfect breakfast out onto a plate, ready to eat.
So, to recap, here is what you will need:

Good, non-stick skillet
Silicone spatula
Hand egg beater
Mixing bowl and small bowl

Optional additions such as cheese and meat
Non-stick spray such as Pam

And here is the process
Separate eggs, whites into mixing bowl, yolks into small bowl. Mix optional cheese into yolks.
Heat pan while beating egg whites to a froth.
Fold yolks into whites and pour into pan.
Lift egg so that liquid seeps under cooked omelette.
Add optional meat to egg when ready to turn.
Gracefully, flip omelette in pan.
Cook for a few seconds until egg is set.
Slide omelette onto plate.
Slide plate onto table.

Bonus tip: If you are cooking sausage, press out your patties and then cook them on a George Foreman Grill. There will be very little mess, the grease runs off nicely and you get those cool lines on the patties.

Bonus bonus tip: If you cook with a George Foreman Grill, don't scrub it to clean it. No, no, no... Before the grill completely cools down, run your tap until the water is scalding, then hose down the unplugged grill in the sink with the hot water. Follow up with a paper towel to remove any stickage and put the grill away for another day.


Craig Hollins said…
Interesting method but completely different to mine.

I cook the meat and vegetables until just underdone. I then spread them out evenly in the pan and pour the egg mixture carefully over them, making sure I keep the meat and veges together. Top with grated cheese. I then cook on a low heat until about half the eggs are firm - ie still a bit runny on top.

Now comes my tricky bit. I carefully slip the spatula under one side and fold in half. Give it a few more seconds and serve in a half circle. The egg will continue to cook but not dry out on the inside.

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