The Democrat Two-Step

Watching the Sunday morning news shows today, it amazes me the perspective of Dems vs Republicans. Rep. Chris Van Holling (D-MD) was on Fox News Sunday with Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH). The juxtaposition between the left and the right could not have been clearer, nor could it have been more stark.

Van Holling shook his head in disgust at Jordan's assertions on the budget as well as gun control. "Balanced" this, and "comprehensive" that... everything to him is a compromise. They all pine for a bi-partisan resolution to disagreements. That is how progress is made, isn't it? It is only fair to give a little for the American people, right?

What we are really seeing is the math of the Democrat Two-Step. It is a variation of the famous "one step forward and two steps back" but in this case it is "two steps forward and one step back" with a twist.

While Republicans are pragmatic and are quite happy to leave most things as they are, the Democrats always ask for a LOT more than they expect to get. When they cut back from their initial request, they take the pose of a martyr. The twist is that when they "give back" half of that which they never had, they also manage to cut back on the Republican's position, which was status quo. This way, their loss needs to be matched by an equal loss from their opponents... Quid Pro Quo.

It is really quite brilliant. The Republicans accompany them only on their back step, while they keep making forward progress toward their goal. Because the judges of this crazy dance (the media) are almost exclusively rooting for the Democrat side and the spectators are mostly up in the stands drinking beer and not watching the show, very few penalties are called.

So the math goes like this... Start with 0-0. Ds ask for 2, and subtract 1. Rs must match the subtraction. Score now: Ds 1, Rs -1. Next round, the score is Ds 2, Rs -2.

Lather, rinse, repeat. It is really quite magical to watch.

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Craig Hollins said…
"While Republicans are pragmatic and are quite happy to leave most things as they are..." is a statement that makes the assumption that the status quo is where you want to be. All is good. Nothing needs changing.

That's clearly not the position of the Democrats, nor the majority of Americans that voted for them. If most Americans, even one-eyed Republican supporters, honestly looked at the status quo right now they would be longing for change.

The question is which direction should the change be made to? Well, in a democracy you have to go with the majority and that is, for now anyway, the Democrats. You don't have to like the changes but the blocking game is damaging the country and the GOP is spiralling into irrelevance because of it.

I don't quite follow or agree with your quick step analogy but if the game is being played that way, it's because America voted for it.

The GOP has to start listening to voters and redefining their policies to deliver what the majority want or they will remain out of power until they do.

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