Test America Back To Work

I have advocated aggressive testing over the past month, but with the recent developments where practically all states have issued stay-at-home orders, I think it is time to re-calibrate the nation's response.
I call on the President and all Governors to initiate mandatory testing of all people age 16-29 to receive a serology test for the COVID-19 antibody effective immediately. This simple blood test will show whether the person tested has had the virus and recovered, or not.
For those who have had the virus, the presence of antibodies in their blood indicates that they have developed an immunity to the virus. For all intents and purposes, they are now immune to COVID-19.
All who test positive for the antibody will be entered into a national database by SSN. Employers and authorized users will be able to verify immunity. Additionally, the individuals will be issued a nationally recognized picture ID card. This card will certify that they can work and they can gather in groups withou…

COVID-19 - Is the cure worse than the disease? An open letter to our leaders.

In just over a month's time, this nation has gone from high-flying normalcy to a grim situation which I believe has not yet reached its nadir. The US stock market has lost one third of its value, infections and deaths from the corona-virus have increased and, at the recommendation of Federal and State authorities, massive numbers of business have essentially shut down. At least four states have declared a state of emergency whereby only critical and essential businesses may operate. I expect that many other states will soon follow. That would be a sad and irresponsible move by the governors of those states.

The authorities are in a precarious position, wedged between political correctness and the inevitability of "not doing enough, soon enough". I understand this. Mass and instantaneous media makes their decisions much more difficult with pundits, frightened citizens and the toxic Twitterverse questioning their every decision and blaming them for every slip and blunder …

Veeam reinstallation problem - VeeamBackup

Over the past several weeks, I have been working with on learning Veeam backup solutions. Veeam's approach is a bit different and their nomenclature is much different from other backup products, perhaps owing to their European roots. They also have a confusing licensing structure. Combine the nomenclature differences, the licensing complexities and the myriad of applications it takes to run the product and it creates, to me, a steep learning curve.

That said, Veeam is an effective and affordable Enterprise-grade product.

I had installed Veeam Backup and Replication on a test server several months ago. After working with it for a while, I abandoned the project ("Squirrel!!!"). I came back to it a couple weeks ago and began my effort by downloading and installing the latest version.

When the installation of Veeam Backup and Replication (VBR) neared completion, I got an error. It was a popup on the screen which said "Failed to create database VeeamBackup. Create failed…

ABBA and Immigration - What's the Connection?

Let's say that you are a HUUUUUGE ABBA fan. You have been waiting for years for them to get back together and have one more concert. You would give just about anything to see that show. One day you find out that indeed there will be an ABBA reunion concert and that, like buying a new Tesla, the wait is years long, and it will cost you a lot of money with no guarantee that you will even get a ticket.

You are depressed. People just don't understand how you feel. You are marginalized. Then you find out that there is a little hack that can get you into the concert quickly and at little cost except for time. Here's the deal: gather up a canned good and make up a great story about how everyone of your friends gave you a hard time about being a hardcore ABBA fan. That's it. Show up at the ticket window, present your can of tuna, tell them your story of woe and you are in. Would you do it?

If you really, really wanted to see ABBA, you would.

This is a simplification of how th…

Is it fair to use trade as a weapon?

It has been said that Americans perfected, if not invented, the concept of guerrilla warfare. During the War for American Independence in the 1770s and 1780s, Americans who wanted to be free of British rule were outgunned, outmanned and had no professional standing army, so they did what they could. They attacked the British any way possible. While the British played by the rules of war and civilized conduct, the American patriots used hidden snipers to pick off unsuspecting Redcoats and they blew up British outposts with homemade bombs.

Today we call that asymmetrical warfare but it is the same thing. A big, strong entity being harassed and worn down by a small, nimble and dedicated force to the point where the big, strong entity either attacks with all they have or they just give up and go home.

What does this have to do with trade?

We hear politicians and commentators from both sides of the aisle saying that trade should not be used as a weapon. Really? Should our judicial system b…

Donald Trump is the Steph Curry of Politics

Stephen Curry has changed basketball. Forever. The "three-point shooter" has turned the NBA championship process on its ear. He did it by doing nothing wrong. He played by the rules. But he and the Golden State Warriors completely changed the dynamic of the game.

Michael Jordan. Need I say more? MJ made it OK to make bucketloads of cash, endorsing products while making more bucketloads of cash from the team. This guy could dunk the ball from the foul line! He scored like a banshee and his likeness was EVERYWHERE. Cereal boxes, shoes, billboards, hats, TV, movies, EVERYWHERE. Even today, after 15 years of retirement, everyone knows who belongs to the number 23. Michael.

To say Allen Iverson broke the mold is to be unfair to molds. The Newport News native rocked the NBA like no other player besides Dennis Rodman. His cornrows, massive tats and uncharacteristic off-court style brought a swagger to basketball which exists to this day. At 6' 0", he made up for his lack …

A Contrarian Case for Doing Nothing

For those who have not voted yet in the US midterm elections, this is for you. I truly believe that if the Democrats take control of the House this week, the nation will become embroiled in two years of utter chaos, pitting the House against the Senate, the House against the President and causing the Supreme Court to weigh in which will then cause the House to go against the Supreme Court. The radical Democrat blood-lust will be unleashed and we will literally have two years of weeping and gnashing of teeth. TV will become unwatchable. It will be an uncivil war of words and deeds which could devolve into an actual shooting war if things go too far. Making matters worse, nothing will be accomplished in Washington. You may say "Well, that's a good thing" but the Chinese, the Russians and the Iranians will not stop what they are doing and a weak and distracted America is not good for ANY modern, Western-leaning, law-abiding government or nation. For those of you with TDS (…