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Could I Possibly Be Agreeing with Frank Underwood???

For those of you without a Netflix account, shame on you! That means that you likely have never watched House of Cards. Kevin Spacey's exquisitely played character, Francis J. Underwood, is the protagonist of this series, now in its third season.

Caution: Spoiler Alert. Plot twists ahead.

To call Frank Underwood "ambitious" would be like calling Donald Trump "an achiever." Underwood grew up poor in rural Gafney, South Carolina, went to college at The Sentinal (Citadel, anyone?), then ended up running for Congress in South Carolina's 5th District after marrying Claire, a young, well-to-do college girl from suburban Dallas.
In Season 1 he was the House Majority (Democrat) Whip. Denied his promised Secretary of State position after helping with the election of President Garrett Walker, and feeling double-crossed, he and Claire went on a conniving and scheming (and somewhat murderous) tear in Washington DC. In Season 2, as a classic manipulator and puller-of-str…