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Green Power to the People

Today President Obama is in Florida where he will speak at the new DeSoto Next Generation Solar Energy Center, a division of Florida Power and Light. He will be touting the benefits of green energy as he helps kick off the official launch of this $150 Million facility that will provide power for up to 3000 homes.

What? 3000 homes? Do the math. That is $50,000 per home. Who is paying for it? This facility covers (literally) 180 acres as it provides 25 Megawatts of power throughout the daytime. It will save 277,000 barrels of oil (over what span of time?) and reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

I am very much in favor of reducing our energy imports to ZERO and if we don't have to pump anything into the atmosphere, that is OK with me, but to create a facility that serves 3000 people for that kind of money is a ruse.

Compare and contrast that with the run-up to the Iraq war. The Bush Administration has been excoriated about saying that there were no weapons of mas…

Shredded Accordian, anyone?

Check out this video. It amazes me that people can put this much effort into somthing like this. Moreover, that someone can have the talent to put this much effort into... Cuz, I could put the rest of my life into it and never hit the mark, know what I'm sayin'?

Now, if he could cover JerryC's rendition of Pachelbel's Canon in D like funtwo did...

And the winner is...

Let me start by saying that this is not another one of those what-I-had-for-breakfast blog postings. Hear me out...

Do you ever use a product and while futzing with it, involuntarily mumble to yourself "What a piece of $#!+. If there was an award for the biggest piece of $#!+, this would be it"? I had one of those moments this morning.

Usually for breakfast I have non-fat yogurt and blueberries with a sprinkling of cereal on top. It hasn't helped me with my weight 'issue' but it makes me think that it does and breakfast is incredibly simple to throw together. But since Costco didn't have any blueberries available this week, I had to improvise. (Since I usually pay $8.49 for 18 oz., I certainly am not going to run to the local grocery store and pay $5.00 for 4 oz.)

We had a few strawberries left in the fridge, so I decided to mash them up and mix it with the yogurt. No problem. I cleaned the berries and decided to save myself a little time and use our faux Slap-C…

Living La Vida Doggie

I have always wondered about those people... you know, the ones with 87 cats, 12 dogs and a tanks of salamanders, who are discovered by the authorities. Chopper 12 and Live at 5-News 4 shows up at the house taking pictures of Animal Control personnel in Tyvek bunny suits carrying out animals in cages. They always find the one animal with the weeping eye and the mangy fur to do a tight shot of. (Sort of like that one picture that all of the animal rights people show of that chicken with the deformed face, looking like Bill the Cat. You know the picture, don't you?)

Most people love animals. It starts innocently enough. You have a dog or a cat. A stray shows up and you feed it on the back porch. It becomes friendly with your pet. Sooner or later it ends up inside. Then another shows up because you left the bowl on the back porch. Lather-rinse-repeat. Next thing you know, film of you with your pixelated face being escorted from your home is the tease for News Team 8 at 6. How did it h…

Living on the Edge

OK. This is my first attempt to embed a video into my blog. Let's see how well it works.

There, how was that? This was also my first posting to YouTube and my first HD video upload. So there... lotsa firsts in this one.