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Taxation idea... still valid?

While going through some old stuff, I found this 1990 letter to my Congressman. Although it was written 25 years ago is it still a valid idea?

April 13, 1990 Congressman Owen Pickett
Washington, DC

Dear Congressman Pickett,        I would like to propose an alternate form of taxation. As an independent business owner, I am acutely aware of the twisted and grossly unfair way that we are taxed. Let me tell you right off that I do not mind paying taxes… my fair share, that is. I feel very strongly that all people should pay taxes. Our system of government 'persuasion' by non-taxation has everyone constantly worried about the tax consequences of every business decision. The first question is not whether something is good for business, rather we worry about how it will affect our taxes. We as a people give billions of dollars per year to banks just so we do not have to give it to the government. Is this logical? I think not.        Most of the tax reform proposals I have heard about r…