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Wholesome Prison Blues

Yes, I did it.

I got that phone call a month or so ago… “Would you be willing to go to ‘jail’ for an hour to raise ‘bail’ for the Chesapeake Chapter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association?” Since I had done it several years ago and it didn’t kill me, I answered “Sure, why not.”

That was the easy part.

The hard part is actually getting cash for the cause. Those of you who know me well know that I tend to (how shall I say this?) procrastinate a bit on things that are out of my comfort zone. None of us… (well, very few of us) really like asking people for money no matter what the cause. Heck, if I could manage it, and my company and employees would work for free, I wouldn’t even ask my clients for money because I love doing what MERIT Solutions does.

But the reality is that everything costs money and nothing is free. Nothing. Not health care, government bailouts, dates with your future spouse, 90 days same as cash, welfare, NOTHING! Somebody ultimately has to pay for it. And folks, that perso…

The Big Business Conundrum

I was on a Facebook page today and there was a discussion thread that was started commenting on an article in the LA Times that talks about rescission. Rescission is where an insurance company will cancel an individual's policy, usually for the lamest of reasons, if the person is really sick and is racking up serious medical bills.

As you can imagine, the theme of the thread was "screw the blood-sucking insurance companies and let the government take over health care. They will do such a good job and be much more compassionate than the insurance companies." I made a comment as follows:

The dirty little secret is that the insurance industry already IS a quasi-government business, like the auto industry was before it made the leap from quasi to fully controlled. As almost the only conservative that responds to Andrew, I cannot defend the insurance industry. ALL forms of insurance (auto, home, health, life, travel) exist to maximize profit and minimize loss. BUT, BUT, BUT do …