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Google Lat Long: A new Google Maps app for smartphone and tablets

Google is releasing a new map program for tablets. Since the demise of the original mapping program that came stock with Apple iPads and iPhones until iOS 5, I have felt that neither the Apple replacement nor the Google free-standing app have been as good as the original. I look forward to trying the new Lat Long out.

For the record (and I hope Google reads my blog!) there are a few peculiarities that I wish they would fix. Don't get me wrong, all of these popups for great restaurants and flags showing where your friends are sounds really cool, but I just don't need those features as much as I need features for great driving and getting un-lost experiences.

Here are a few of my suggestions:

When the big blue line covers a proposed route, don't let the line obscure the street names or route numbers. VERY annoying when driving. Very annoying.Allow the "traffic" view to be your default (I mean, why wouldn't it be?)When you zoom in to get a better view it sometime…