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It has to start somewhere...

Much is being said about this "take a knee" thing. Here is my take.

Every single one of these NFL players are employees. As employees, there is set of standards which are expected to be upheld. For the NFL players, there is also a written contract. For most employees, it is a tacit, universally understood set of rules on what can and cannot go on at work. Yes, these guys have every right to not support the United States or to talk $%&! about it, but when they suit up and walk into the stadium, they are on someone else's time and need to adhere to the standards of conduct given to them. If a high school football coach cannot pray with his team because the School Board says so (BTW, he is an employee but it is his right as an American to pray), then if the owners say "no kneeling" the players should consent.

IMHO, the National Anthem is not even needed at sporting events. I have never understood the reason it is played, but it is and that brings us to where w…

A Quick and Effective Immigrant Bill

Since conservatives (not Republicans) are against unfettered immigration for two major reasons, let’s address both in a comprehensive “Immigrant” bill, not a comprehensive “Immigration” bill. Here are the two reasons:
Item 1 – Conservatives do not want the massive number of legal and illegal immigrants to vote as a block and to vote for the Democrats. There, I said it. It is true. Item 2 – Conservatives do not want massive numbers of immigrants to change our American society and way of life. Well, that one is pretty much out of the bag, but it is a valid goal.
To fix this we can have a three part package:
All illegal immigrants can sign up for a pink card if they can show that they have a job. Signing up for a pink card is a provisional registration. Having one:Admits that they came here illegallyAttests that they will not commit felonies or other major crimes and that swift deportation will occur after their conviction and sentencingThey will not get any …