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What has the Taliban proven in Kabul?

After the horrific attack on the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan (peace be upon that God-forsaken country) by Taliban 'insurgents', a Taliban spokesperson spokesman stated that this attack proves that the Allied forces have not been able to secure the country and have therefore failed.

What it actually proves is that if you are willing and expecting to die to make your case or prove your cause, then nothing can be secure. Period.

When people are willing to work months and years to insinuate themselves into a job, a community, an organization under a false pretense; when they are willing to endure the mental anguish of living a lie for a very long time; when the culmination of their life is to make a bold statement that actually is more like taking candy from a baby then it is a Rambo-like hero action, then YES, it proves their point.

But that IS the point isn't it? When a warped, irrational group of people casts aside 10,000 years of civilized, societal growt…

Let's Repeal the Electoral College (and get this country back on track)

I just read this piece by Charles Krauthammer about how beholden the Democrats are to unions with their rabid support and how Obama is quietly putting up roadblocks to our trade deals with other countries to protect these unions, all the while touting the need for more jobs and more exports.

It sickens me to imagine another four years of Barack Obama.The thought of his reelection makes me think of that religious group that would rather let their sick child die than allow professional medical help, since medicine violates their 'religious' sensitivities.Well, our dear President is allowing his 'religion' to stop him from doing what is right for our great nation.

My hope to cure this 'problem' shifts to the November 2012 election which, while still early, is starting to heat up with competition between Republican challengers. I will withhold comment on the current field. Who knows if any of these people can cause Obama to be a one term President like Jimmy Carter…

Republican Platform if I could do anything about it

The first real debate amongst Republican candidates for President was tonight on CNN. I couldn't watch it.

Oh, I watched about 10 minutes and saw how every question was an opportunity to run out their elevator pitch and I just had to turn it off. Even Herman Cain was saying the same thing he said on Neil Boortz today. I guess there is only so many ways to say the same things 1000 times.

If things were a little more organized, there should be a Republican Platform and all candidates should buy into it with registered exceptions and their differentiators should be style, charisma, competence and ideas.

Presidents don't really come up with the answers, they just decide which option is best, so why pop a spontaneous question, give them 30 seconds to answer, then make them act like they just invented the next iPad killer and they are talking through a Powerpoint presentation without the projector?

The modern political 'debate' really is retarded. There. I said it.

Now, to …

My take-away from Weinergate

Now that a day has passed and the Twitterverse is beginning to suffer from an acute case of weiner-withdrawl, I would like to reflect on the past 10 days and talk about what I have taken away from this latest episode of viral humiliation.

First, the press conference in New York City was as surreal as it gets. I was at work trying to find an internet connection to watch the presser at 4pm and Twitter starts buzzing with "I don't believe it, @AndrewBreitbart is on stage taking questions." Other than the fact that the tweets were coming from respected journalists at ABC News (@RickKlein and @JakeTapper), I wouldn't have believed it.

Breitbart was there (coincidentally, according to him) and was getting bombarded with questions, so he stepped up on the podium at the invitation of several of the reporters so that they could hear him better. His jist was "Where do I go to get my reputation back?" Unfortunately for the Congressman, he was fashionably late allowing…

Time for a new paradigm for a Presidential campaign

This will be a quick post.

I think that it is time for a new way of running for President of these United States. Someone should run for President as the leader of a management team and say that if elected, he/she would bring in this committed team to run the nation.

For instance (and don't take this as any endorsement)

The Presidential candidate (who shall remain generic) would announce

Secretary of Technology (combines Energy, Transportation, EPA and Trade) - Newt Gingrich
Secretary of Debt (combines Treasury, HHS and Budget Director) - Paul Ryan
IRS Commissioner - Herman Caine
Secretary of Labor - Chris Christie
Secretary of Commerce - Donald Trump
Press Secretary - Andrew Breitbart
Council of Economic Advisors - Arthur Laffer

The president is important, but he is really just the decider and sets the tone. He doesn't even really set the agenda. The people on the team are the ones that gets things done and can be more important in the long term than the President.