Republican Platform if I could do anything about it

The first real debate amongst Republican candidates for President was tonight on CNN. I couldn't watch it.

Oh, I watched about 10 minutes and saw how every question was an opportunity to run out their elevator pitch and I just had to turn it off. Even Herman Cain was saying the same thing he said on Neil Boortz today. I guess there is only so many ways to say the same things 1000 times.

If things were a little more organized, there should be a Republican Platform and all candidates should buy into it with registered exceptions and their differentiators should be style, charisma, competence and ideas.

Presidents don't really come up with the answers, they just decide which option is best, so why pop a spontaneous question, give them 30 seconds to answer, then make them act like they just invented the next iPad killer and they are talking through a Powerpoint presentation without the projector?

The modern political 'debate' really is retarded. There. I said it.

Now, to the platform:

Platform Item #1 - NO SOCIAL ISSUES.

Each candidate can have their own personal thoughts about gay marriage, abortion in the case of rape or incest, legalization of pot, etc. but except for Don't Ask, Don't Tell and the issue of portability of gay marriage from a YES state to a NO state, most of the issues are either personal or a state's rights issue. Let it go...

Platform Items #2 - #2000 - Hash it out, write it down and get on with it.

I have my opinions and I would guess that if you removed the social issues, probably 95% of my inclinations would align with other Republican's leanings.

There you have it. Let's have a Social Issue free zone for at least two election cycles. We can win if we deal with real issues. Arguing about social issues is a slippery slope and conservatives always come off looking like fools and prudes compared to the 'anything goes' liberals.

Considering the divisive state of the nation, none of the social issues are going to be settled anyway, so why pontificate about it? Take a page from the Democrat playbook. WIN at any cost. Losers can't legislate.

(Full disclosure: I went back and watched some of the debate on my DVR. I skipped over T-Paw and Santorum, blew thru Bachman and lightly touched Romney. I played Cain, Gingrich and Ron Paul because they are succint and actually have something to say.)


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