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The Speech

Set aside petty differences. Let's see. Republicans tend to roll over, will the Dems drop the mantle?

Remaking America.

Restore science. Hopefully, we will lose junk science along the way.

Stale political arguments no longer apply.

Good things go forward, things that don't work are left behind. Obama's biggest impedement to what he has said so far will be his Democratic Congress. Mark my words!

We are strong through restraint. I hope Osama Bin Laden agrees. Group hug with Ahmadenijiad and the mullahs.

He is preaching to the looney left. They are the ones to be convinced. They are the ones with the bitter hatred. Let us see how cooperative they are as their oxes are gored for the common good.

Great, uplifting speech.

Odd poem. But I don't get poetry, anyway.

Interesting prayer, but nothing embarassing.

Now, off we go to govern.

Inaguration Day

It is a 'snow day' in our region. All of the schools are closed. Yes, it was supposed to snow this morning, but nary a flake is seen as we approach the noon hour. I suspect that the decision to call off school was prompted by the fact that probably half of the students and faculty would have stayed home anyway just to watch the show.

I am impressed by several things. First, the extreme graciousness exhibited by President Bush and his staff. I doubt that anyone removed the 'O' key from all of the keyboards in the White House. Total, seamless handover of the reins. Compare and contrast with Clinton handover.

Obama seems almost regal throughout this process because he has been allowed to take the reins, not seize them. Unity is easy to dish out if you agree with the premise. We have seen how well the left embraces unity when they hate the unifier. Now we get to see how well they receive unity from a newly disenfranchised right.

I hope it all works out for our country. If w…