The Speech

Set aside petty differences. Let's see. Republicans tend to roll over, will the Dems drop the mantle?

Remaking America.

Restore science. Hopefully, we will lose junk science along the way.

Stale political arguments no longer apply.

Good things go forward, things that don't work are left behind. Obama's biggest impedement to what he has said so far will be his Democratic Congress. Mark my words!

We are strong through restraint. I hope Osama Bin Laden agrees. Group hug with Ahmadenijiad and the mullahs.

He is preaching to the looney left. They are the ones to be convinced. They are the ones with the bitter hatred. Let us see how cooperative they are as their oxes are gored for the common good.

Great, uplifting speech.

Odd poem. But I don't get poetry, anyway.

Interesting prayer, but nothing embarassing.

Now, off we go to govern.


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