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Stare Decisis. Bedrock or Quicksand?

"Stare decisis". That is all we hear from liberals when they question Supreme Court nominees. "Will you adhere to stare decisis?" is their prime litmus test for anyone destined for the high court. Stare decisis is defined as "the legal principle of determining points in litigation according to precedent." In other words, when your favored opinion has been previously decided by appeal, it should remain supreme and unchallenged. Liberals realize that many of the decisions on which their entire way of governing is based comes down to sometimes dodgy interpretation of the law by like-minded justices decades ago. Losing the bedrock decisions, due to a second look or non-adherence to stare decisis causes all subsequent laws and decisions to become suspect and ungrounded. For them, this just cannot happen. In 2010, Arizona passed a law, S.B. 1070 which gave local law enforcement additional powers to enforce national immigration law (since the Feds, under Obama and…

Fair Trade or "Fair Weather" Trade?

I have never thought much about the nuts and bolts of trade. I have conflated "free" trade with "fair" trade. Recent "events" have caused me to realize that free trade is anything goes. Kind of like free love. As with free love, there are usually regrets (by at least one party).
Fair trade means what it says, a fair way of doing business. One country adds a 2.5% tariff on imported vehicles and their trading partner puts a 20% or a 50% tariff (tax) on the vehicles they import from their partner. Is that fair?
The US freely allows this to happen to themselves. I am not sure if it is guilt or what, but we certainly have been taken advantage of. I can see Trump's point. We (the US) do not put much of a tariff on anything (check this out:
There are 99 chapters to this document and if you take the time to look, you can see that it is extremely rare for an import tariff to exceed 5% let alone 10%.The vast majority of imports int…