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Is this what it has come down to?

Everything coming out of the White House these days seems to be attacking Capitalism as represented by Mitt Romney. After the "War on Women" didn't gain much traction with the critical 'undecided' 10%, it looks like the President will be running against Capitalism... at least bogeyman Capitalism, whatever that means.

In fact, it really doesn't need to mean anything does it, as long as it pulls in votes?

Look at Obama's latest screed against Romney and his Bain Capital days where he bemoans the fact that Romney's investment company shut down a steel mill in Middle America, firing hundreds of workers while "saving" the parent company. There was no mention of how many automobile dealerships with thousands of employees were shut down during Obama's "saving" of the auto industry. Yeah, that's different.

It seems that any other -ism is better than Capitalism in his and his supporter's eyes. After all, fairness is the goal her…

Between logic and the heart

Logic and the heart.
That is what it all boils down to in American politics isn't it? The Republicans are the party of logic and pragmatism (in the classic sense of the word) and the Democrats are the party of just doing what is right, right?
I am having a discussion on Twitter with @dogwalkblog about this same idea. Mr. Dogg is to the left and I am to the right. I suspect, though, that we have much more in common than we have differences.
I have recently read several articles, the last one by Fred Barnes in The Weekly Standard about how the Republicans in the House (both as a minority and as the majority) as well as minority Senators were totally pwned by Obama as they tried to craft deals with the administration to govern this huge nation of ours. While they negotiated in good faith with the President, he had no such ambitions.  AsteriskNote: I am sure that if I read a recounting of events from the POV of a Democratic insider, the take-aways would be different, but most negotiat…