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Do as I say, not as I do

The chutzpah of Democrats as a group never stops amazing me. It takes grande huevos to do some of the things that they do, but then to watch them either ignore the action or justify it is what truly stuns me.

Two days ago, I tried to Google-up some background information on the vacant Teddy Kennedy seat in Massachusetts. Actually, I had seen a report last week talking about how Sen. Olympia Snowe (RINO-ME) had decided not to back the Baucus-Senate Finance Committee 'Health' bill. The report said that the Democrats only had 59 votes and I thought "what happened to their bulletproof 60, now that the clown senator, Al Franken was swept into office in a landslide in MN?" I found out that Teddy Kennedy's vacant seat could not be filled by the governor because the Democrat legislature had, in 2004, passed a law requiring a 145-160 day waiting period followed by a general election for vacant senatorial seats, rather than the typical governor appointment. Why? Because in …