What has the Taliban proven in Kabul?

After the horrific attack on the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan (peace be upon that God-forsaken country) by Taliban 'insurgents', a Taliban spokesperson spokesman stated that this attack proves that the Allied forces have not been able to secure the country and have therefore failed.

What it actually proves is that if you are willing and expecting to die to make your case or prove your cause, then nothing can be secure. Period.

When people are willing to work months and years to insinuate themselves into a job, a community, an organization under a false pretense; when they are willing to endure the mental anguish of living a lie for a very long time; when the culmination of their life is to make a bold statement that actually is more like taking candy from a baby then it is a Rambo-like hero action, then YES, it proves their point.

But that IS the point isn't it? When a warped, irrational group of people casts aside 10,000 years of civilized, societal growth to make certain death a goal (more about this in a moment), it is virtually impossible to stop them. All that the civilized society can do is help them achieve their goal of certain death as quickly as possible before they can do much damage.

The ugly back-story of the likes of the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Fatah and the other mostly Muslim groups is that there is one significant portion of their group that does not adhere to the "Death as a Goal" mantra. That group would be their leadership.

As with 99% of political leaders (and don't kid yourself, these clowns are political, not religious leaders), they lead from behind as a "Do as I say, not as I do" authority figure. Their fiery rhetoric along with peer pressure drummed into the heads of the willing foot soldiers for years and years will cause their adherents to give the ultimate sacrifice.

Of course, the leaders must live on to plan, organize and strategize the next struggle against the great Satan, right?

Without these human bombs, these leaders know that they would have no chance against 10,000 years of societal progression.

To paraphrase General George Patton, "The object of Jihad is not to die for your cause, but to convince someone else to die for your cause."


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